Top 20 Ways to Make Money from a Quiz Funnel: A Fun Guide for the Savvy Marketer

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Hello, fellow marketers! In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest strategies to keep your business thriving. One such strategy that’s been making waves recently is the quiz funnel. But what exactly is a quiz funnel, and how can it help you generate revenue? A quiz funnel is a powerful tool that leverages the engaging nature of quizzes to capture leads and guide them through your sales funnel. Today, we’re going to explore this concept in more detail and delve into 20 creative ways you can monetise a quiz funnel. So, buckle up and let’s embark on this exciting journey.

1. Product Recommendations: Use your quiz to recommend products based on the user’s answers. For example, a skincare brand could create a quiz to determine the user’s skin type and then recommend suitable products.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Incorporate affiliate links into your quiz results or follow-up emails. For instance, a fitness blog could create a quiz about workout preferences and include affiliate links to recommended fitness equipment.

3. Lead Generation: Capture user information during the quiz and use it to nurture leads through your sales funnel. A B2B company could use a quiz to identify potential clients’ pain points and then follow up with tailored solutions.

4. Sponsored Quizzes: Partner with other businesses to create sponsored quizzes. A travel blog, for example, could partner with a hotel chain to create a “Which Vacation Destination is Perfect for You?” quiz.

5. Online Courses: Use quizzes to gauge user interest in specific topics, then create and sell online courses based on those interests. An educational platform could use a quiz to identify areas where users want to expand their knowledge.

6. Premium Content: Offer in-depth quiz results or additional content for a small fee. A career website could offer a detailed career aptitude test with a comprehensive report for a premium.

7. Ad Revenue: If your quiz attracts a lot of traffic, you can monetise it through advertising. A popular lifestyle blog could generate significant ad revenue from a viral quiz.

8. Market Research: Use quizzes to gather valuable market data, then sell that data to interested parties. A market research firm could use quizzes to gather consumer insights on various topics.

9. Event Promotion: Promote your upcoming events or webinars at the end of your quiz. A digital marketing agency could promote its SEO webinar at the end of an SEO knowledge quiz.

10. Membership Sites: Use quizzes to attract users to your membership site where they can access exclusive content for a fee. A fitness website could use a fitness level quiz to attract users to its premium workout plan membership.

11. Coaching Services: Use quizzes to identify user pain points, then offer your coaching services to help them overcome these challenges. A life coach could use a quiz to identify areas where users want to improve and then offer their coaching services.

12. E-books: Promote and sell your e-books based on the quiz results. A financial advisor could promote their e-book on investment strategies at the end of a financial literacy quiz.

13. Upselling: Use the quiz results to upsell more expensive products or services. A software company could use a quiz to identify user needs and then upsell a more comprehensive software package.

14. Cross-selling: Recommend related products or services at the end of your quiz. A pet supply store could recommend dog toys at the end of a quiz about dog breeds.

15. Donations: If you run a non-profit, quizzes can be a fun way to encourage donations. A wildlife conservation charity could create a quiz about endangered species and encourage donations at the end.

16. Bundled Products: Bundle products related to the quiz topic and sell them at a discounted price. A beauty brand could bundle skincare products recommended based on a skincare quiz.

17. Consulting Services: Use quizzes to showcase your expertise and attract clients for your consulting services. A marketing consultant could use a marketing trends quiz to attract potential clients.

18. Software as a Service (SaaS): Promote your SaaS product based on the needs identified in the quiz. A project management software company could promote its product at the end of a project management challenges quiz.

19. Webinars: Use quizzes to promote your paid webinars. A social media expert could promote their Instagram marketing webinar at the end of an Instagram knowledge quiz.

20. Licensing: License your successful quiz to other businesses in your industry. A successful marketing blog could license their viral marketing quiz to other marketers.

And there you have it, folks! 20 fun and creative ways to monetise your quiz funnel. But remember, the success of your quiz funnel largely depends on the quality of your quiz. And that’s where Playerence comes in!

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