Using Quizzes to Boost Event Attendance: The Playerence Way

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In today’s digital age, attracting attendees to an event requires more than just a catchy title or a renowned speaker. It demands innovation, engagement, and a touch of fun. Enter the world of quizzes, a powerful tool that can significantly amplify your event’s reach and appeal. Let’s explore how you can leverage Playerence’s gamified quizzes to make your event the talk of the town.

The Power of Quizzes in Event Promotion

Quizzes are not just a pastime; they’re a potent marketing tool. They engage users, provide instant feedback, and can be tailored to offer insights or test knowledge. With platforms like Playerence, creating a quiz becomes not just easy but also highly effective in driving engagement.

Case Study: Financial Fund Topic Feedback

Consider a financial fund looking to host an annual seminar. Before the event, they want to understand the primary interests and concerns of their potential attendees. Using Playerence, they craft a quiz titled “What’s Your Investment IQ?”. Not only does this quiz test users on basic financial principles, but it also subtly gathers data on which investment topics resonate most with the audience. The results? The seminar’s content is tailored based on the quiz feedback, ensuring it’s both relevant and engaging.

Case Study: Financial Educator’s Knowledge Testing

Another example is a financial educator planning a workshop series. To ensure the content is at the right level for attendees, they use Playerence to create a “Financial Literacy Challenge”. This quiz tests potential attendees on various financial topics, helping the educator gauge the knowledge level of their audience. The outcome? Workshops that are perfectly pitched, neither too basic nor too advanced.

Top 5 Ways to Use Teaser Quizzes for Event Promotion

  1. Highlight Key Speakers: Create a quiz around the expertise of your event’s key speakers. For instance, if you have a renowned digital marketing expert, a quiz titled “Test Your Digital Marketing Savviness” can pique interest and give attendees a taste of what’s to come.
  2. Engage with Fun Facts: Use quizzes to share fun facts or trivia related to your event’s theme. It’s a great way to educate and entertain potential attendees simultaneously.
  3. Offer Exclusive Discounts: Reward quiz participants with exclusive event discounts or early bird offers. It’s an excellent incentive for engagement and boosts ticket sales.
  4. Share on Social Media: Make your quizzes shareable. Encourage participants to share their results on social media, creating organic buzz around your event.
  5. Interactive Invitations: Instead of a standard event invite, send out a quiz. It’s a unique way to grab attention and ensure your event stands out in a crowded inbox.

Promoting Speakers, Topics, and Locations with Quizzes

Quizzes can be a fantastic tool to spotlight your event’s speakers or the general topic. If your event is about sustainable living, a quiz titled “How Green is Your Lifestyle?” can generate interest. Each question can subtly introduce different session topics or speakers, giving attendees a sneak peek of what to expect.

Similarly, if you have a keynote speaker who’s an expert in AI, a quiz like “Are You Ready for the AI Revolution?” can set the stage, making attendees eager to hear more from the expert.

Location can often be a significant draw for many attendees, especially if they’re travelling from afar. Why not use quizzes to highlight the allure of your event’s location? If your event is in a city like London, a quiz titled “How Well Do You Know London’s Hidden Gems?” can be a fantastic teaser. Each question can subtly introduce attractions near the event venue, from historic sites to gourmet restaurants. This approach not only promotes the event but also gives attendees ideas for things to do, making their trip even more worthwhile.

Engaging the Audience During Presentations with Quizzes

Speakers can elevate their presentations by integrating quizzes into their sessions. With Playerence, a speaker can craft real-time quizzes that attendees can participate in using their smartphones or tablets. This interactive approach serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it ensures the audience remains attentive and engaged. Secondly, it provides instant feedback on the comprehension of the material presented, allowing the speaker to adjust their content or pace accordingly. For instance, a speaker discussing the future of digital marketing might pause halfway to launch a quick quiz, testing the audience’s understanding and sparking a lively discussion based on the results.

Gathering Feedback Post-Talk or Event with Quizzes

For event organisers, the end of a talk or event isn’t the conclusion; it’s an opportunity for growth. Using Playerence, organisers can create feedback quizzes that attendees can fill out post-session. Instead of the traditional feedback form, a quiz can make the process more engaging, increasing the likelihood of attendees providing their insights. Questions can range from rating the speaker’s effectiveness to gauging the audience’s interest in future topics. The data gathered is invaluable. Not only does it offer insights into the event’s success, but it also provides actionable feedback that can shape future events, ensuring they resonate even more with the target audience.

With these additions, the article now provides a comprehensive overview of how quizzes, especially through Playerence, can be seamlessly integrated into various stages of an event, enhancing engagement and gathering crucial feedback.

Using Quizzes for Bonus Prizes from Speakers or Sponsors

Incorporating prizes into your quizzes can significantly boost participation. Collaborate with your event’s speakers or sponsors to offer exclusive prizes for quiz participants. For instance, if one of your sponsors is a tech company, they could offer the latest gadget as a prize for a quiz titled “The Ultimate Tech Challenge”. Similarly, a speaker could offer free one-on-one consultancy sessions or exclusive access to their latest book or course. These prizes not only incentivise quiz participation but also add value to the overall event experience, making attendees feel they’re getting more than just the event content.


In the competitive world of event marketing, standing out is crucial. With Playerence’s gamified quizzes, you have a unique tool at your disposal that can significantly boost engagement, tailor your event content, and ensure maximum attendance. From promoting the allure of your event’s location to offering exclusive prizes, the possibilities with quizzes are endless. So, the next time you’re planning an event, remember the power of quizzes. Dive into Playerence, craft your engaging quiz, and watch your event’s popularity soar.

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