Shower Your Audience with Festive Joy this Christmas!

Attention Marketing & Branding Professionals!

Elevate the festive spirit by gifting your audience with our exclusive Christmas and Advent calendars. Perfect for retail, health and beauty, and commerce sectors, our calendars are designed to create an unforgettable buzz for your brand.

Why Playerence’s Christmas Calendars?

  1. Gamified Gifting: Delight your audience with interactive quizzes, contests, and daily surprises that not only entertain but also amplify your brand’s presence.
  2. Lead Generation: Capture the attention of potential customers and grow your contact list.
  3. Brand Engagement: Strengthen your brand’s relationship with its audience through daily touchpoints.
  4. Earn & Redeem Points: Let your users accumulate points as they play, which they can later cash in, fostering loyalty and repeat engagement.


Our Exclusive Offerings:

1. Done For You

  • Let us do the magic! Provide your content and watch as we craft the perfect Christmas calendar for your brand.
  • Ideal for those who want a seamless, expertly-designed calendar experience.

2. Do It Yourself

  • Be the master of your festive narrative! Get access from Q4 2023 to the end of January 2024.
  • Ample time to design your calendar with daily gifts, quizzes, contests, and more.
  • Perfect for brands that want a unique touch and direct hand in the creation process.

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